Hot Yoga: What You Should Bring, Expect, and Wear for Your First Class

Did you know that 37 million people in America practice yoga?

Are you hoping to start hot yoga classes? Not sure what to expect or wear to a session? Not to worry!

We are going to go over what to wear and how the class will be different compared to regular yoga practice.

Keep reading to learn about what to bring and what to expect in your first class!


Bring Lots of Water

Make sure you hydrate before the class. The best time to drink the water is about 30 minutes before your class begins. You want to make sure your body is well-hydrated because you will be losing a lot of water during the session.

Your teacher will let you know specific times to take a sip between poses. Fill up your water bottle beforehand.

Try and drink 16 ounces of water before your class. This will make sure you're hydrated well and won't risk getting dizzy throughout the session.

Go to the Washroom Beforehand

Students should try and use the washroom before class. It's a bit disruptive to leave the sauna-like room during the class. Yet, if you are feeling faint, stop the pose and lay down for a rest.

Find out what the rules are at your studio. Ask if the teacher minds if you slip out during class. If not, try and use the washroom at the beginning.

Wear Comfortable and Breathable Outfits

Part of the fun in going to yoga class is picking out a comfortable and cool outfit to wear! With hot yoga, you are going to want to make sure you have an appropriate outfit otherwise you run the risk of being uncomfortable throughout the class.

In these classes, there are mirrors all along the walls. You will be able to see yourself and others. This allows the teacher to watch your form and make sure you're doing the pose right.

Choose material that is breathable, and comfy with a four-way stretch. Pick colors that are light and not dark. You don't have to wear layers of clothes. In fact, less is more.

You will be in a sweltering class with up to 20 other students. Try and choose something that is short-sleeved and pair it with yoga shorts or capris.

Bring Shampoo and Soap for After the Class

Hot yoga studios tend to have showers for after class. It depends on what you prefer. If you'd rather go to your own home, then pack up your supplies for class and leave your toiletries at home.

If you have somewhere to go after the session, pack your shower supplies. You want to be fresh and light.

Bring your own towel because paying every time for a fresh towel adds up.  Another useful thing to do is bring a plastic bag for your sweaty clothes.

You will leave your hot yoga class feeling fantastic and ready to take on your next task!

Be Prepared to Sweat in the Heat

If you start going to hot yoga during the winter season, prepare for a shock. Stepping into the heated studio may feel intense, but you will get used to it.

Your body will adjust, and as you strike the poses, you will focus more on the stretches than the heat.

You're going to sweat - a lot. Be prepared for this. Bring three towels with you. One to wipe off sweat between poses and another to lay over your yoga mat.

Have the third one in your bag for after class when you want to shower off the sheen of sweat.

Keep your water bottle close by and if you need to take a drink or rest, do so. You don't have to impress anyone. Your practice is your own.

Remember to Breathe

If you have taken regular yoga before, you know how vital breath is. It's as important for hot yoga. Take deep inhales and exhales. You will notice your body's inhalations and sense when you might need to ease off.

Effects of Hot Yoga

Did you know that heat encourages detoxification? Sweat drips as your pores open from the heat. Your joints and muscles will relax, and you will be able to have a deep stretch.

After class, you will feel so relaxed and happy. Later that night you'll sleep super well.

Poses are gentle, and everyone can do them. The heat is what makes them challenging. Throughout the class, you will repeat the same 26 poses, twice.

Your teacher will provide guidance and be able to fix any poses that you may not be doing right.

The nice thing about having the same exact poses each time is you know what to expect. You will come to class feeling confident in each pose.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Hot Yoga

With the hot yoga class being warm, your muscles will relax and stretch easier than if it was a cold room, the temperature in the room is so good for yoga and stretching. You will be able to twist, breathe, bend, and increase your heart rate.

Hot yoga is a challenge to your mind and body. It will teach you discipline, focus, and determination. Throughout your practice, you will have increased self-confidence. This will help you live your best life.

You will want to eat healthier as well. Eating a whole food diet has many health benefits.

Want to Learn More?

We hope you found this article helpful on hot yoga and what to expect at your first class. Remember to wear breathable clothes, hydrate well beforehand, and bring lots of towels!

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