How to Wear Yoga Pants Outside the Studio

Practising yoga is all about raising your level of self-awareness and releasing toxins from the body. It's a deeply spiritual practice as well as an incredible workout.

But, yoga also has a bit of a fashion side to it. Go into any studio - of any kind of yoga - and you're sure to see people wearing yoga pants of all kinds.

There's actually a good reason for this beyond the aesthetics. High-quality yoga pants are made of incredibly breathable, supportive fabric; they know how to grip your body without being restrictive or uncomfortable.

It's one thing to wear yoga pants to practice in and another to wear them casually, though. Here's how to wear yoga pants outside of the studio or gym for whenever you need a comfy, cool-looking outfit for the day.

Plan for Your Day

Before you start thinking about how you're going to wear yoga pants, think about where you're going. This isn't exactly something you can wear to the office or slip on for a fancy date.

Still, there are plenty of times when yoga pants perfectly suit the plans of the day. You just have to think about where you're going and pay attention to all the details of the outfit to make sure you get the look right.

Think About Where You're Going

Do you have brunch plans with your best friend right after yoga? Is today your chance to take care of all the week's errands that you've been putting off?

Such occasions are practically begging you to wear yoga pants.

Since athleisure is the next big thing right now, it's totally acceptable for you to stroll into brunch in fun leggings and a cute top. This counts as dressed up to a certain extent - aka just enough for you to feel good and be comfortable without having to try too hard.

Pack a Quick Change

Sometimes, you need a little touch up before you go from yoga practice into the rest of your day. This doesn't mean you have to completely change your outfit. Instead, it just means you might want to bring a simple outfit change.

For example, bring an extra shirt for you to wear after yoga. This is a clean, fresh alternative to a sweat-stained t-shirt or tank top. It's much more comfortable to walk around in and more flattering, too.

Other outfit upgrades to have on-hand include a few accessories or an emergency makeup kit. Slipping on a cute headband or some bracelets totally take your yoga pants look up a notch, as does a touch of mascara.

Choose Your Shoes Carefully

The final thing you need to think about before stepping out of the house is the shoes you have. Sure, it's nice to slip a pair of flip-flops on and off when you're at a yoga studio.

But, are you going to be walking around all day? Do you have plans that call for sneakers or even flats? If so, make sure you have these shoes with you.

This simple change can be the difference between making it through the day with ease or struggling a bit. Not to mention, the right shoes make your yoga pants look even better than they do on their own.

Play with Basics and Prints

Once you've thought of everything you need for the day, it's time to make your outfit decisions and actually get the day started. Think about mixing and matching basics or playing up some prints while you're getting dressed.

The first is all about looking cool and collected. Basic, neutral colours complement your skin tone and look beautiful when you choose neutrals that complement the print colours of the pants.

Plus, a single-colour top can do wonders to complement the fun print on any pair of yoga pants. This is all about finding the ideal colour combination. Sometimes that's a perfect match to the background of the pants, and sometimes, it's a sharper contrast.

Then, there are days when you want to wear a fun print from head to toe. In such cases, you're going to need the matching tops for the yoga pants you want to wear. Keep this in mind as you're shopping.

how to wear yoga pants on the street © matcha and ink

Own Your Unique Style

Whether you mix and match basics or go all-out with your favourite patterns, at the end of the day, wearing yoga pant outfits comes down to your personal style.

Think about how daring you are with your fashion sense in general. Are you one who sticks to timeless pieces and simple colours? Or do you like making up your own rules when it comes to fashion trends and "hot or not" outfit pieces?

The answers to these questions can help you figure out a lot about how to wear yoga pants. Making yoga gear a part of your everyday style doesn't mean changing your overall look or fashion style.

On the contrary, it's about finding creative ways to wear the things you love in a way that best expresses who you are and makes you feel beautiful.

After all, that's what yoga is really about! Your practice doesn't depend on the clothes you wear or which studio you go to. It's about finding deep forms of expression in the poses and in your everyday life.

Sometimes that expression comes out in the form of fashion. When it does, make sure you get your message across by knowing what to wear with yoga pants to best showcase your personal style.

How to Wear Yoga Pants Anywhere and Everywhere: Start with Cute Styles!

Although yoga pants were made to help with your practice, they've become so much more. Stylish pants are popping up all over, making it incredibly accessible for you to practice with ease and look good doing it, too.

The trick to go from your practice to daily outings and taking on your to-do list is to know how to wear yoga pants anywhere and everywhere. Before you know it, you'll be slipping these on for travel days, lunch dates, movie nights, and everything in between!

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