Welcome! I started Matcha & Ink as a way to merge my two passions, health & surface design. I am a qualified naturopath & nutritionist and worked in clinical practice for many years before deciding to pursue my creative dreams in 2013. I studied graphic design & illustration with the goal of becoming a textile designer.

I create unique illustrations and pattern designs which are turned into ethically made, designer activewear and apparel.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and work from home while parenting my human and furry children.

I know how demanding life can be, I create designer activewear that will seamlessly transition from the yoga studio, run or workout session to the street.  The patterns and color palettes are based on the latest trend forecasts; the garments are designed to last, the prints are durable and fade resistant, the printing process means they retain their shape and color wash after wash. 

I outsource the activewear manufacturing to skilled craftspeople in Europe. I only sell my garments online and ship to Australia and select countries.

My Goal is to Create Designer Activewear at an Affordable Price.

I had been selling my textile designs online via print on demand sites since 2013. These sites don't give the artists many choices about the shape or quality of the products. I wanted to have more of a say about the manufacturing process and sustainability of the manufacturing and shipping while keeping the prices affordable.

My goal was to have my designs made into products that were made as ethically and sustainably as possible. I spent a lot of time searching for the right manufacturer and ironing out the manufacturing and shipping process before I opened my Etsy store in March 2017.  Having now set Etsy up I have created this website to run alongside it.

Ethics & Sustainability

Before starting Matcha & Ink in 2017, I spent a lot of time researching how I could make high quality,  yoga wear as ethically and sustainably as possible.

My manufacturers are small businesses, based in Melbourne and Latvia. They pay their employees fairly and create comfortable and safe working conditions.

I know that my business activity, from the energy used in manufacturing to the printing and packaging of the garments, leaves a footprint on the Earth. I continuously search for fabrics and manufacturing methods that meet my ethical and sustainable standards.

I strive to have as small a carbon footprint as possible, which is why I manufacture and ship from the same location.

I am currently researching more apparel options to add to my collection, this takes time as I have sustainable and ethical criteria to meet but also want my garments to be affordable.

I am committed to increasing the use of sustainable and recycled fabrics over the next 24 months, as well as including larger sizes up to 3XL.

In my home office, I recycle, compost & use green energy where possible.  I don't think any business or individual can ever be 100% eco-friendly, but at Matcha & Ink, I do the best I possibly can. Read more about my sustainable business practices.

I plant a tree for each product sold through my partnership with One Tree Planted who is a non-profit organisation that plant & maintain seedlings in communities all over the world. Working with this registered charity ensures that the saplings are not just planted, but that they are also maintained and looked after into maturity. During 2020 these trees will be planted in area of Australia which have been affected by the recent bushfires. 

Where to Buy Matcha & Ink Designer Activewear

Matcha & Ink products are only available online.

I chose to sell my designer yoga & activewear online as selling directly to the customer allows me to keep my prices as affordable as possible, while still maintaining fair working conditions and eliminating waste.

What's Next for Matcha & Ink

In the future, I hope to expand the activewear range to include yoga mats and other yoga accessories. I am also continually expanding the product line, look out for organic and ethically made tees for women and children, coming very soon. 

For those of you who don't know Matcha is powdered green tea leaves. It is healthier than standard green tea because you consume the whole leaf, not just the water-soluble part of the leaf. I gave up drinking coffee in 2016 (again) and have successfully replaced my coffee addiction with a matcha latte addiction. If you are interested in reading more about matcha and how to make it see this article.

I am always happy to hear from you via the contact form or email hello@matcha-and-ink.com.au.

I hope you enjoy my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Lou xx